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A Comprehensive List Of Top Prepper Sites

During the cold war, survivalism was at an all-time high. With the threat of nuclear warfare very much real, it is easy to understand why people had fears about their long-term survival. However, this gripping fear somewhat subdued with the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of the cold war.

However, at the turn of the new millennium, people were given a brutal reminder that danger still lurks in the world. The September 11 attack presented an era of new kinds of threats, where organizations with no government links had a capacity to inflict a great deal of harm that threatens our survival.

Subsequently, a barrage of natural calamities in the form of earthquakes and tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, droughts and many other natural calamities have reminded people that threats to our survival are numerous and not entirely human made. In recent years, people have realized the true meaning of the popular adage - "complacency breeds failure" and are taking a keen interest in survivalism. With this mind, people are acquainting themselves with the broad topic of survivalism. As you can appreciate, being prepared ensures that you are up to the task during times of crisis.

In this regard, the process of preparing yourself for emergencies should begin with being knowledgeable and thereafter practice the knowledge and the skill involved in survivalism. To this end, top prepper sites should be your to-go-to resources. These sites typically offer a platform for the masses to acquire survivalist skills and knowledge without spending a dime. Additionally, some of the sites offer platforms for survivalists enthusiasts, novices, and experts to engage one another and discuss various aspects of survivalism.

Herein are some of the top prepper sites around the internet realms. These sites offer differing content in the different niches of survivalism.

American Prepper Network – This website covers a wide variety of niches in survivalism. What makes it stand out is the huge amount of content it has for both expert and novice preppers. As such as, it is uniquely placed to cater for both the novices and experts. Their blog also helps individuals share what they know.

The Prepper Journal – The Prepper Journal is a very good starting point for novices. It is well structured and the content therein is enriching. It covers a wide range of topics and answers many questions that survivalist have. If you have ever wonder what is the optimum prepper list of 100 things to acquire to prepare for natural disasters survival head there. If you want to have an intricate understanding of the skills you need to survive a flood, the Prepper Journal has the answer for you.

Backdoor Survival – The Site focuses on providing content on preparedness and survival tools that would come in handy in helping people thrive even in the absence of typical infrastructure and amenities that we are accustomed to in these modern times.

Sovereign Survival – For prepper with families, information on how to survive in a group is paramount. The Sovereign Survival is one of the best resources for this kind of surviving. It is well structured to make it easy for even novices to understand the content it has. Additionally, the website links out to a wealth of other informative websites, making your research a tad easier.

Ready Nutrition – This website focuses on imparting the knowledge of becoming self-sufficient in matters of food supply during long-term disasters. The website provides the knowledge and the know-how to develop the skills required to grow food as individuals, groups, and as families. This knowledge is very important in the event of widespread disasters that result in the devastation of farms leading food shortages.

Doom And Bloom – While the prospects of widespread disaster are nerve-wracking, learning how to survive the disaster should not be. To this end, the Doom and Bloom is a fun yet informative websites that provide accurate and actionable knowledge about prepping for disasters.

Survival MD – The Survive MD covers the critical niche of field medicine during disasters. These websites get you prepared to face disasters where there is an increased chance of medical emergencies but with little to no emergency services. The information is crafted for easy understanding by novices in the medical field.

Other top prepper websites include Survivalist Prepper, Survival Spot, The Prepared Ninja, Prepper Resources, The Organic Prepper, Code Green Prep, and Reality Survival.

Closely related to the websites are blogs. Here are some of the highly rates survival blogs on the internet. Although they blogs, they are highly professionally run and have high-quality content for their redress. They include Suburban Survivalist, Modern Survival Blog, The Survival Blog, and Bug Out Survival.

This list of top prepper sites considers more than page ranking in Google. With the advent of SEO (White hat or otherwise), a website can rank quite high on Google or any other search engine even without offering substantial value to its users. As such, other considerations such as the quality of content provided by the website/blog and the frequency of adding new content have also been used. After all, if you are seeking content on surviving an apocalyptic event, you are best served by having the best content there is - detailed content that provides actionable advice on what to do when faced with disasters.

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