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Beat The Odds With Essential Survival Tools And Equipment

Is the world becoming a more dangerous place? That's open to debate - but it pays to be prepared. Whether it's natural disasters that will threaten yourself and your family or whether civil and political unrest that threatens our safety there are some common sense precautions that you can take in order to ensure that you - and your loved ones are safe in the face of disaster.

Survival tools and equipment range from the common sense (but indispensable) to the more high tech. However, whether you're planning the contents of a bug out bag or just want to have the correct equipment when you set out for the wilderness then you need to plan ahead. No one knows when disaster will strike - so it's best to take a leaf out of the Boy Scout manual and 'be prepared.'.

Here are some of the most useful survival tools and equipment that have stood the test of time and saved lives across the world in environments that range from desert to forest and jungle. Make sure that they are part and parcel of your emergency preparedness. Make sure to buy the best quality that you can afford. Many of these items may have to last a long time without access to spares if the unthinkable does happen.


First on your list should be a water filter and water purification tablets, as well as a high quality water bottle. You can survive a fairly long time without food, but without potable water you rapidly lose the ability to reason logically. Once dehydration starts to set in the temptation to drink from any water source is extremely difficult to resist. There are many people who have succumbed to toxic water sources in that situation - make sure that you're not one of them.


Food is of course also important. You can go for high end dehydrated food packs - but if you want to save a little bit of cash for other items on your list of survival tools and equipment then go for high nutrition high energy emergency bars. These aren't just the normal energy bars - check with camping and emergency suppliers.


A four person tent constructed from rip stop nylon is ideal. Make sure that it has a built in groundsheet, double stitching and a rain fly. But in a real emergency a rip stop tarp cans till save your life. If you're going this route make absolutely sure that you include a high quality rope in your supplies.


A reflective foil emergency sleeping bag is a must have. They take up very little room and when you're at the mercy of falling temperatures these cheap and effective bags can save your life. Even putting up a shelter can be a challenge in falling temperatures. Make sure that your fingers are up to the job by buying chemical pocket hand warmers. They're really cheap enough to buy in bulk and can also be used to warm other parts of your body.


It's going to be difficult to cope with an emergency situation if you can't see what you're doing. A small LED torch can make the difference between life and death. Also keep a look out for wind up torches and solar powered lights. The wind up torches are very robust and should cope with minor knocks. However - keep at least two mini LED's in your pack. Solar power is also your friend when it comes to power sources. Many solar powered torches also double as chargers.

First Aid.

Buy a small first aid kit with the essentials or make up your own. The kit should at least bandages or various sizes, painkillers and soothing ointment for bug bites and contact with poisonous vegetation. Sticking plaster and disinfectant ointment are also essentials.


Not only does fire keep you warm, it allows you to prepare cooked foods, sterilize water and keeps your spirits up. When preparing your survival kit make sure that you have redundant methods for starting a fire. Waterproof matches, The good old fashioned disposable lighter and the almost bulletproof flint and steel are must haves. Make sure that you are carrying the flint and steel and double bag the rest (pack some tinder in that baggie as well). A small stainless steel pot should also be included in your fire preparations, as should a


Two fixed blade knives are a great idea. Make sure that you purchase the very best that you can afford and make sure that they are from a reputable manufacturer. A multi-tool is also a great addition to your kit.

There are a number of other pieces of equipment that should be considered. A length of fishing line and hooks packed in a small waterproof container is a great idea. A roll of duct tape (1001 uses), trash bags (also 1001 uses).

Being prepared is not only about equipment - it's also about knowledge. There many small portable books about both urban and wilderness survival. Invest in one - it could save your life.

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