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Doomsday Preppers: Preparing For The Worse

If you're new on the horizon of Doomsday preppers, it's time to catch up to speed on what's going on in the world. With so much change it's only a matter of time until an economic collapse or disaster (man-made or natural) that changes the world. In preparation for this, people are preparing ahead of time.

One way that they are preparing is to use a doomsday preppers store. This store offers up a variety of options when it comes to preparations.

Here are a few of the items that you can find when you're visiting such a store (online or offline).

Books And Videos

You'll find plenty of books and videos on how to prepare and what to anticipate. They'll go into such details as to food preparation, safety, weapons, gardening (you can garden some of your food supplies), shelter, sanitation and more.

These books will give an in-depth look at how to accomplish various tasks to ensure the safety of yourself and your party. You'll learn valuable skills that you can use on a daily basis to stay safe and eat well.

Off-Grid Power

Here you'll learn how to plan ahead for solar power and generators as well as using propane and other such gasses to supply yourself and your party with heat, fuel, and lights.

These methods will go through the steps you can take from start to finish to provide you with plenty of backup power sources for your situation.

Water And Sanitation

Everyone knows that water and sanitation are vital to your survival. Without clean drinking water, no one is going to survive. Without proper sanitation, people are going to become ill.

You'll again learn in depth techniques to purify your water and design one of a kind unique sanitation stations that will give your party plenty of safe drinking water and help you to have adequate services such as toilets and showers.

Medical Emergencies

One major area that you'll have to be prepared for is the medical issues. You'll want to train someone ahead of time with some emergency medical training.

This training should include emergency services such as how to set broken bones, deliver a baby, perform basic medical treatments and treat various ailments. You're likely not going to have any antibiotics or other medicines so you'll have to understand how homeopathic and naturopathic remedies work and plan ahead.

Security, Communication And Tactical Gear

This is an area that should have a lot of attention. You'll want to have a means of keeping your area secure. You'll also want a way to communicate with one another.

Often a HAM radio operator can handle this area of expertise for you. Try to have at least one if not more HAM radio operators in your core group. They can help with security and communication and they can coordinate tactical groups to help keep everyone safe in your group.

Food Supplies

If you haven't already begun to stockpile food for an emergency doomsday scenario, it's time to start. If you're concerned about the cost, start small and work your way up.

Plan your grocery store trips ahead of time and stock up on sales items that your family will eat and can be stored for a long period of time. Good options are dried foods and canned foods. You can also purchase Meals ready to eat and store those as well. You'll need enough food for at least 3 weeks per person to begin and you'll want to work your way up to a few years worth of food stockpiled.


You'll want an adequate shelter for your party as well. If there are several families you'll want to plan ahead as to how you're going to do this.

Ensure that you have something to protect you from the elements and keep in mind that some will require more privacy than others. There are various shelters to build and tents that can be purchased.

Planning ahead for a doomsday scenario should be something that you work on a little bit at a time. Plan to spend at least an hour a day working on your goals.

Write out the goals and cross them off your list and you accomplish them. This way, your doomsday preppers friends, and family can all work together to be prepared.

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