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The Top 10 Items For Your Wilderness Survival Gear Checklist

Whether you're an avid hiker, camping-obsessed family or simply concerned over global headlines and political climates, you shouldn't even think of leaving your home without a checklist of all the survival gear you need. The following information will help you complete that list and be ready for just about anything.

1. MRE's

Meals ready to eat are small, light and require no heating element, making them almost a luxury when you're out in the wild. If you are going camping or hiking, pop a MRE's in your backpack for convenient nutrition. It's also a good idea to keep a stash of these meals in your cupboards or basement, in case, for whatever reason, you ever fall short on food. They last for years and are the same packages soldiers rely on for sustenance in the field.

2. A Survival Knife

A good knife will serve you well in the outdoors, from saving you from thickets to saving you from a wild animal. It will also help you prepare a meal of fish or carve out stakes for a shelter. Whether you're only intending to go out into the woods overnight or for an extended period of time, a good survival knife is an absolute must.

3. Matches Or Lighters

No matter how fancy your gear, it must always include a way to make fire. Keep a few packs of matches in an air-tight, waterproof compartment of your backpack and have a couple of lighters in your pocket as well. Fire may be essential for cooking, warmth and other needs; thus, you always must be able to produce it.

4. A Crankable Radio

Not crankable in the sense of turning the volume way up, but crankable in the sense of powering it. Crank radios operate by turning an actual crank a few times and one would be very handy if you need to tune into news or weather. They're also light and portable.

5. Flashlights

Heavy-duty, lightweight flashlights, along with plenty of fresh batteries will keep you able to navigate the wilderness at night, investigating potential dangers that may creep up on you. You might also consider a crankable lantern, which would keep your general vicinity illuminated for almost half an hour after just a minute or so of cranking.

6. A Complete First Aid Kit

No wilderness survival gear checklist is complete without a means of repairing the body. From minor cuts to rashes and broken bones, your kit should include everything you need to heal, under as many adverse conditions as you can imagine, even if you're just planning a family camping trip.

7. Warmth And Shelter

While having a way to protect yourself from the elements, as well as to keep warm is going to be on every wilderness survival gear checklist, the manner in which these goals can be achieved differs greatly. If you're speaking strictly from a survival sense, for example, you need to know how to build your own shelter; on the other hand, if you're simply out in the wild for fun or training, a tent is necessary. Keeping warm, too, can happen with a blanket or by burrowing into the earth and covering up with branches. No matter what, though, a plan for warmth and shelter must be on your list.

8. Water Purification Tablets

Even going out in the wild for a couple days requires more water than most people are comfortable carrying; therefore, something like water purification tablets are vital for survival. If your venture out into the woods is planned, consider picking up a portable filtration system. Otherwise, always have those tablets in your gear.

9. A Swiss Army-Style Whistle

A whistle can alert someone that you are in danger, scare off a wild animal or let someone simply know where you are located. However, whistles have evolved considerably over the years and you can now find one that helps you navigate with a built-in compass and offers a waterproof way to store matches, among other handy features.

10. Knowledge

While you could have every item on every wilderness survival gear checklist, they really can't help you at all if you don't know how to use them. Therefore, it's essential that you study the products before buying them, in order to ensure that you will be able to operate them when needed. It will also help you to have general information on first aid, weather prediction, compass and map reading, what wild vegetation is safe to eat and perhaps other topics, depending on your location.

Always play it safe, having everything you could possibly need before venturing out into the wilderness. Whether for fun or to keep yourself alive, you never know what you could encounter.

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