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Tips From The Experts - Essential Military Survival Gear

If there is one group of people who really need to have a survival kit that will allow them to cope with even the most trying and life threatening of circumstances its those who serve in the military. If you want to be assured that your survival kit contains everything that will let you thrive and survive no matter what the disaster scenario then a review of what the men and women in uniform carry is a great place to start.

There are numerous civilian versions of the military grade equipment that are available - some of it of comparable quality. However there are also some extremely reputable online suppliers who stock either new or surplus military grade survival gear.

There are also numerous options for those who want to purchase complete sets of military survival gear. These can offer exceptional value for money and cut down significantly on your prep time.

Whether you choose to source your military survival gear from a bricks and mortar retail store or visit an online supplier here is some of the kit that you should be looking for.

1. Survival Blanket.

In the face of rapidly falling temperatures a quality survival blanket can mean the difference between life and death. These blankets are available in numerous types. The military spec usually has a drab olive green external layer and a silver reflective interior that reflects up to 80% of body heat.

2. Water Purification.

Standard water purification tablets in use by the military are usually made from Chlorine Dioxide. Each of the tablets can treat up to 1 liter of water. Packs come in various sizes but the standard is usually a ten pack which allows the user to use a single tablet at a time while keeping the others fresh.

3. Striker and Fire Steel.

Probably one of the most important pieces of kit in any survival situation. The fire steel and striker combo is tremendously robust and is used in military survival kits by armies across the globe. The combo should be supplemented by military spec waterproof matches which are available in a vacuum pack with a striker board. These matches will work even when wet. These matches are in use by NATO forces across the world. Add quick start fire starter and tinder combos for peace of mind. These impregnated tinder combos burn for up to two minutes allowing you plenty of time to get that fire going.

4. Compass.

For those who are concerned about space a small liquid filled button type compass is the ideal navigation aid. They are excellent value for money and extremely robust.

5. Micro LED Lights.

The red type LED light with multi functions such as strobe and constant lighting are standard issue in many military's across the world. The red light is low visibility but can be seen in direct line of sight for over a mile. However, for civilian use the miniature white light LED is probably preferable. These are very good value for money and several can be bought for a very low cost.

6. Whistle.

There are several variants of military spec high volume whistle's on the market. Make sure that rescuers are able to hear the whistle from a long distance away by buying on high quality plastic military types.

7. Signal Mirror.

A stainless steel signalling mirror is essential. These mirrors are also available in high tensile strength polycarbonate material. They are incredibly robust and are enormously resistant to bumps and deformation.

8. Fishing Kit.

Again there are a number of extremely portable fishing kits that are available on the market which match military survival specifications. The kit should contain at the least heavy duty nylon, split shot, at least ten no. 10 hooks and a swivel. May types also contain a sewing kit consisting of safety pins and needles.

This list is of course not exhaustive. Military survival gear lists can consist of dozens of items. The best idea to get the full picture is to visit one of the reputable online survival retailers and review what the standard ready made kits consist of. Then you can make your own decision whether you want to go the ready made up route or pick and choose your own personal selection which matches your unique requirements.

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